WallHack CS:GO: How to get and use?

Visuals / ESP / visuals; what is often called “in” or “wallhack” (wallhack)

The same VX that allows you to see through walls. It can be completely wretched and just draw squares around enemies. And can have a bunch of settings: painting the head in bright colors or highlighting player models, showing lives, armor, hitbox, weapons.

csgo wall hacks

This can include functions such as NoFlash, NoSmoke, NoSkybox, sight, mini-map (radar).

Other Functions CSGO wall hacks


It has two similar concepts.

First: Hides suspicious movements when you burn an aimbot or triggerball. The camera from the first person does not jump, does not shake, or does not go down, following the pattern of the spread of weapons.

Second: You can move the camera no matter where you shoot. The essence of the function is that you can turn on the 360-degree view of the aimbot, go ahead yourself, and the aimbot will kill people from behind (while the camera looks ahead, ie the camera does not depend on where the aimbot shoots). This worsened accuracy and speed of response, but it was popular on public servers so that it was possible to “run and break everything around”, without stopping to shoot.

Flawlessly patrol (overwatch) – you shoot vnikuda (or up / to the floor), and the enemy dies. Or the camera just looks up or down, and turns (although on the side of the patrol, the spinbot looks exactly the same, but it depends on the directness of the encoder). Another variation of SilentAim’a is combined with the trigger, as described above.

Spinhack / Spinbot / AntiAim:

The model of the player begins to rotate helplessly around its axis, walking back and forth, twitching up and down, and what kind of techniques they did not come up with. Can at the same time look at the floor / up, or wave a sight. The main purpose of the spinbot is to play HvH (hack vs hack), and there is to mislead the enemy simbol / trigger trigger in the enemy team. HvH is when there are cheaters on the server in both teams, and one of them decides to “go and break” without hiding.

Cheap or copied cheats were very well deceived – an aimbot fired into a spinning model, sometimes to the head, but did not hit and all the bullets flew by. One of the providers has managed to make a completely stern spinhak – you watch as you shoot in the trunk, but all the bullets fly through you and make a miss, and you have 100% hp. Sometimes it has features like “Fakeduck”, when the model girl also very quickly squats, while maintaining the speed of running.

On the patrol demo or for the viewer, it looks like this: The camera adovo turns, looking up or down, sometimes even twitching the sight up and down. During the shots, it stops spinning, but skillful coders managed to insert a “twist” between the shots.


For an outsider you very much lag. Used to deceive the enemy cheater from the enemy team. Against strong aimbots is not effective.


You hang in the air. Used exclusively in HvH games, for positioning. It allowed to hang in the air, and hide parts of the body in unprotected places, where the enemy could not shoot you, and shoot him first.
This resulted in whole matches for all 30 rounds, because two experienced cheaters with a full break broke each other with a 50% probability, and the rounds consisted of who will serve whom or whom to endure.

Bunnyhop / Jumping:

Allows you to do jumps by holding down one button. If the person in the jailbreak is not accelerated enough or is mistaken, it is either a macro or a manual jumping-off.

Damage to patrol demos:

There used to be a private cheat that somehow damaged the patrol demo, and it just did not start with the cause of Evidence Invalid or Corrupt, or the camera looked at one point without showing the gameplay. What is noteworthy, it was a private, not a sales cheat. Slots sold for hundreds of dollars.
Fixed immediately after it began to spread, because someone had merged the method.

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