Initially, it was a function that makes a shot when the enemy hits the crosshairs of the sight. And that’s all. An example of use – on de_dust2 to aim with AWP on the gate, hold down the button that includes it, and wait for the enemy to run through the sight. The rifle will shoot itself. Triggerbot was used to “take on the reaction.”

In our time, the triggerboat has evolved and now “take on the reaction” only the cheapest, lazily written cheats. Modern triggers have learned not only to make a shot in a situation where you 100% hit the enemy, but also “correct” the scatter during the shot, “directing the bullets” where you need – namely, in selected parts of the body. In 99% of cases, it is configured to turn on the fire button. The main goal of the triggerball is the least pale, but it is stable to kill the enemy for 1-5 shots. It is played with most of the cheaters , preferring a triggerboat instead of an aimbot.

The spread is “corrected” by one or a combination of both methods:

  1. The sight is taken down, following the pattern of the weapon spread. When you hold down the shot button, the weapon goes down so that all bullets hit the same point. Although not a triggerball, it is most often tuned through it.
  2. Corrects the scatter so as to increase the percentage of hits on the enemy, or in other words, “send bullets” where necessary.

If, in the case of an aimbot, your aim was aimed at the bullets to fly to where you want, then in the case of modern triggers, bullets are already “spotted”. The main difference with an aimbote is that the deflection angle can not be greater than the spread of the weapon itself. If the lazily tuned Aimbot + SilentAim could aim the bullet at 20 ° from the sight, then with the trigger, you simply miss if the target is outside the usual spread of hits (outside the spread cone).

csgo triggerbot

A properly tuned triggerboat is incredibly difficult to catch, it is often even played on the stream by turning off the visuals. The sight does not jump and does not “break” on the body part (as in the case of an aimbot).

How does it look from the outside?

  1. For example, a cheater can shoot on the run , and most of the bullets still fall into the head / neck / chest. The spread of weapons does not match what it should be, and you get more bullets than you should. In CS: GO this is very obvious with increasing distance, when the first thought after you were killed – “something too many bullets burst into my head”.
  2. You stuck out your head half a map away, and a queue hit her center . It is the turn, or very fast single shots, which would still cause a return. The fact that the skill player can adjust the spread so that the bullets hit about one point … but with the increase in distance, the spread can not be adjusted so perfectly – it’s evident.
  3. At high settings: The sight of the cheater is next to the head (so that otherwise it misses), it shoots, the first 1-3 bullets hit the head, the subsequent misses, following the spread of the weapon. It is thanks to him, at high ranks, people do not understand how they got into them. And just – did a couple of shots next to your head.There are obvious, but in direct hands to notice them is still difficult.
  4. As a rule, the target of the triggerball is the least pale, but it is stable to kill the enemy for 1-5 shots.

How to notice in the demo?

In inexperienced hands or an “unparsed” cheater, it’s easy to notice the trigger trigger: the weapons do not follow the one that should be, and it does not make maneuvers to make it less noticeable.

If the cheater makes attempts to hide, then earlier ( and now? ) When viewing the demo or the Patrol record, it was possible to include the visualization of the scatter + return + hits. After that, they turned on the free camera and watched the place where the bullets hit. To counteract the developers have done so that the bullets hit not exactly in the center, so this method is not always relevant, but it was very helpful ( and still helps? ) The experienced “Patrol”.

In direct hands it is difficult to notice them – the cheater will actively mask the triggerball: sit down while shooting, do not do more than 3-4 shots at a time, miss especially, or give up if more than two enemies come from different sides. However, sometimes the points described above are still slipping.

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