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Counter Strike Global Offensive Hack Features

WallHack (wh, valhak) – With it you can browse through walls.
SpeedHack (sp hack, speedhack) – Moving your player will be much faster than before.
HitBox (Hitbox, hitbox) – You are now allowed to shoot through the walls of boxes and other textures.
RadarHack (radarhack, radarhack) – Now your opponents are displayed on the radar.
Lambert (Lambert, Lambert) – All players of the server, as well as weapons and others will shine. No Sky (no sky, no sky) – your sky above your head now does not exist.
No Flash / Smoke (no flash, no flash) – You will not be affected by smoke and dazzling grenades.
Aim (aim, aym, aimbot) – auto-targeting to the player.
Autowall– gives you an auto-aim and auto-shooting.
AutoShoot – simple but economical auto-shooting.
AutoFire – your bullets fly by themselves :).
Recoil Switch – Return from the digla and others by the automatic machine now does not exist.


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