Classification of CSGO cheats

For the end user there are 4 classes:

  • Public

    Price: € 0

    What:This cheat can be anything, from the implemented proof-of-concept, which is detected, before trying to write a full cheat, while also training your skills. Cheat does not pretend to have rich functionality or constant support, however it may not be detected for a while. Detected quickly enough. Money for them does not take, but you get the functional corresponding (sometimes – not bad for free reading, but to pay it does not hold out). Do not count on constant support or absence of detectives. Such cheats are almost not used, except for the sake of draining accounts, or if you bought a pack of compromised accounts, and paying for a subscription is a pity for money. They get bogged down quickly, often have poor settings and are only intended for a “full friend” who is still not as strong as the paid cheats.

    Sometimes they are downloaded by schoolchildren, or people who do not even know about the availability of paid cheats. And they quickly get banned. Basically it’s a cheat for “squeeze 10 minutes”, after which you bounce or get Untrusted in CS: GO.

    How to deliver to the client’s computer: This cheat is in the public domain and is distributed through cheating forums. They can be rocked straight from there, sometimes even without registration. They almost always do not have a client or a secure delivery method to the user (that is, you downloaded, then injected.) Sometimes a dll file is nearby, which you need to inject.).


An example of how to distribute a public cheat


  • Paid cheat from the cheat provider / pay2cheat, paycheat, p2c, payhack, subscription hack / cheat, and various variations of slang. Most often they are called private, which is not entirely true.

    Price: € 2.99- € 70 + per month, with discounts on purchases for 3/6/9/12 months.

    What: This cheat is distributed by “ISP”, and is commercial. The developer (s) are interested in the fact that the cheat is not detected, and most often they succeed. However, it is never known when it is detected, so buyers play at their own peril and risk. Some cheats were not detected for several years, but then Valve bent down cheat, and a whole bunch of accounts. And often, even the basics, with content for many thousands of euros.

    It can cost from a pair of euros (if cheat low-quality) to 25-30 euros per month. The latter often has very rich functionality, has a lot of settings and configs, and depending on the reputation and positioning can be very strong. As in the case of games Hack vs Hack (about what it is, later), and for “playless” games and antedate.

    If the cheat is more than 25 euros, this does not mean that it is in any way “cool”, it can simply be positioned for other purposes – such as bypassing EAC, FACEIT, ESL, ESEA. Most often it is done for legitimate games on matches, streams and various ladderas.

    How to deliver to the client’s computer:Have protection from the “plum”. You download the client in a password-protected archive with a random name, following the precautionary rules that the provider specifies. It does not have the read itself and is the “client” for downloading the latest version of the reader from the provider’s server (which happens to be unique with every download.) And

    when it’s first launched, the client is tied to the customer’s iron and sometimes puts the driver (but now the golden rule – the client should not leave behind any traces.) The subsequent injection can occur in different ways and sometimes it can represent a rather interesting implementation of the protection against the detective.


An example of what a paid cheat looks like


  • Private cheat with limited slots / private hack. They are often confused with a “paid cheat”, meaning private, and vice versa.

    Price: € 20- € 500 +

    What: Cheat, which is available only to a limited number of persons, in order to avoid a detective, or maximally delay it. Sometimes such a cheat can be sold by a private provider, limiting the number of purchases to 10 or 100-200, so that it has as little audience as possible, and it does not attract attention. Such to me are not known. Basically it’s privately written cheats that sell on forums or different marketplaces. Most often have under 10-50 “free” slots, with a binding to the iron, and can have very different functional.

    Such cheats do basically to bypass third-party anti-cheats, or a constant game based on for many years. Depending on the author’s skill, they can never be retouched at all. And they can get bored after a couple of months.

    How to deliver to the client’s computer: Have protection from the “plum”. The delivery method depends on the creativity of the author and can be similar to the delivery of paid readers.


Example of selling a private reader


  • Custom cheat. The rarest option for the richest, but it also exists.

    Price: € Four-digit amounts.

    What: A person hires a programmer’s services. Practically not practiced, but it does exist. Sometimes you can find topics like “[WTB] private hack / cheat coder for 1 user, budget $ 2000”. There is a risk of getting a template cheat “off the bat”, so people with a budget buy privat.

    How to deliver to the client’s computer: The delivery method depends on the creativity of the author and such information is not available publicly.

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