CSGO Cheats: How to cheats on CS:GO for new player?

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) Cheats

Going to the page with cheats on anyone unsophisticated in the cheating game the player can come into confusion from different notations and types of cheats. I will try to answer the most common terms.

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Internal and External

In translation from English, Internal and External. This is a way to read the memory of the game. These are two modernly different methods, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Internal – the program (most often in the form of a dynamic library – dll), which refers to the memory of the game from the same memory space as the game. It can be said that it is being introduced into the address space of the game, as if adding some very important code for us. For the encoder, this means that you can operate the data in memory directly using the assignment operator (=), and in some cases – use variables inside the game engine.
  • External – Accesses the memory of the game from another process. Usually this happens with the functions of reading and writing into memory: ReadProcessMemory () and WriteProcessMemory (). Before this, the programmer clearly indicates the memory of what process we are interested in (of course CS: GO). Thus External hack can completely do without recording in memory of game using so-called Overlay. Overlay is a transparent film between the screen and the game. On it the coder can display almost any information, for example draw rectangles around the players or add a second radar to the screen.

CSGO cheats

What are CSGO cheats?

If you download a cheat, then on the page with the cheat should be a detailed instruction what to do. In other cases, you will meet 4 of the most common types:
EXE file
With this type of files, everything is simpler-running and running. And if this exe does not work like an injector – then this is a 100% external type.
DLL file
This is most likely Internal. In either case, you need to download any injector and specify the dll path to the game. External dll is also possible – then you need to embed the cheat in any other process, but not in the game.
Substitution or deletion of game files
For others, the method is irrelevant. Typically, replacing files, you can only get visual changes to the weapon skins or textures.
This also includes the programs and drivers of the mouse “corrective” shooting. Since macros are not read from the memory of the game, it is a rather useless thing without careful tuning and a long period of addiction.

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