CSGO Aimbot Hacking in CS:GO

In the case of paid cheats, Aimbot is only part of the complex reading, and paid cheats with monthly payment are complex and rather complex cheats. In public they are called simply – BX or an Aimbot, without thinking what exactly these words mean. In fact, these cheats are “multi-hockey”, just “hacks”, or P2C (pay2cheat, paycheat, and various variations of slang). More often they are called “cheats”, although outside the Russian-speaking countries it is “hacks”.

Aimbot is just part of the complex reader, and can have one or more modes / tabs for settings: Aimbot, Ragebot, FullRage, Legitbot, MM, LegitAim (called differently, but the mode goal is passed).

csgo aimbot

Typical “aimbot in a vacuum” looks like this: you clamp the button, the sight jumps to the specified part of the opponent’s body and leads it exactly in the center until the button is released. Can be included, for example, by such triggers as: “when shooting”, “by clamping the button”, “first 3 bullets”. Contrary to common misconceptions, the animbot itself does not fire unless AutoFire is turned on. As a rule, the viewers are fired by the fact that the sight sharply “jumps” on the target in a straight line, and the jerks do not coincide with the general style of the game of the cheater. Initially, the aimbot was simply fixed on some part of the opponent’s body (head, for example) and from the outside it is very obvious. Over time, aimbot evolved, acquired a more bespalevnym regime and a bunch of settings.

  • How does it look from the outside? Cheater sees you, his sight sharply jumps to the specified part of the body in a straight trajectory, and shoots (with a shaking sights or without). Identify quite easily, if an aimbot is not “hidden” by other settings.

Different groups with settings are:

One of them can be called Ragebot – it’s aimbot, where the settings are made for “full burn” (rage, “go full rage”). In it you can unscrew the settings to the maximum and “break everything around”. In this tab, you can make settings such as AntiAim (spinhack). In this case, the player can spin and shoot all possible places on the map. Depending on the author of the chit, it can be quite a powerful thing, especially with “Wallscan” (Autowall, a piercing of points of lumbago). Then you run around on the map, turn around, and break everything around, even if the enemy sticks out the heel in the swept space, but it depends on the skill of the writer Chita.

A powerful cheat for full burn can be called ragehack (raid-hack). This cheat is initially planned to as much as possible to break at maximum settings. However, such a chita always has a legitimate regime. Before CS: GO improved security, this cheat was just hell for the enemy team: the cheater was hanging in a jump, and, spinning, broke the enemy’s command, even through walls and shot corners.

Another group of settings , if any, is designed for a “no-show” game in matchmaking, or on streams. Most often these settings are called “Legitbot”with a hint that it is aimbot. This is not entirely true, and is used rather to separate settings. Aimbot in this category is, but is only used for certain weapons, such as AWP. Has a more “legitimate” lie with a less obvious tip-off, or “release” the target after the n-th shot.

Example of the settings window (CSGO Aimbot)

Cheaters, who do not want to scorch, use two combinations in a rough simplification:

  1. Aimbot with a narrow angle of capture + SilentAim, so that the jerks of sight are not visible to spectators and patrol. In CS: GO is used for sniper rifles to roll “on skill.” With a closer look, you can see how a person shoots past, and the AWP bullet flies at all in the other direction, and exactly into the body / head. It is used rarely, because it is very noticeable, and you need to monitor the shooting all the time so as not to burn.
  2. Triggerbot with an increased percentage of hits. With an increase in the percentage of hits, it sometimes makes sense to include SilentAim so that there is no shaking of the sight (depends on the implementation). But then the situation repeats, as with AWP – the cheater releases the turn in the hand, and the bullets go to the head, falling to the neck or torso. It is used almost always , because it is the most no-noisy way to “direct the bullets to where you want”, without trashing the camera. And here we go to the triggerball:

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